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This book introduces a new way of thinking and talking about women's sexual pleasures, preferences, and desires. Using the tools of contemporary analytic.
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Butler Butler points out that efforts to censor homoerotic images have led to their greater production and exposure. Butler Butler concurs with feminists who hold that noxious speech can, in most instances, be addressed through action that involves critical and thoughtful speech. Debra Satz writes that If prostitution is wrong it is because of its effects on how men perceive women and on how women perceive themselves.

Lerner writes, It is likely that commercial prostitution derived directly from the enslavement of women and the consolidation and formation of classes. Lerner Lerner speculates that prostitutes and concubines were used by rulers as symbols of wealth and power, and this practice was then emulated by other men of wealth and status Lerner Rubin writes, If women are the gifts, then it is men who are the exchange partners.

Rubin In other words, in the very creation of society, women were allegedly subordinated through ritual exchange in order to create bonds of kinship among men as the foundation of the social order. Kempadoo writes: The agency of Brown and Black women in prostitution has been avoided or overlooked and the perspectives arising from these experiences marginalized in dominant theoretical discourse on the global sex trade and prostitution. Kempadoo 40 Rather than conceptualize prostitution in terms of the sexual exploitation and degradation of women, Kempadoo advocates understanding prostitution as a kind of labor that is often performed by marginalized people Kempadoo 45; Kempadoo and Doezema 4—5; see also Leigh Allen, A.

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Sexual Harassment and Sadomasochism

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1. Pornography

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