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There is a free pamphlet you can order from the Arkansas Geological Comission. It's called 'Finding Arkansas Diamonds' by J. E-mail requests should be sent to: agc mail. Found a couple of web-sites with information. The weather here can be really hot and horribly humid in the summer. If at all possible, come before it gets hot.

Teen finds 7.44-carat diamond at Arkansas park

I don't have any recommendations on books but just wanted to throw out a comment. Our family enjoyed going to Mt. Ida for crystal mining much more than we did going to the diamond mine. Best of luck to you! I've always thought the crystal mining would be more enjoyable to me. Nice to know you had a good time.

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Was wondering, which company did you go to? I hate to say, I can't honestly remember the name of the company we went through. They had a store front on the main strip - unfortunately so do many many others. They were a small mom and pop store. When we went to buy our "tickets", we were a little concerned about what the mine would be like. They had to call an employee to go out and open up the mine for us I guess not many folks as nuts as we were to go mining in August. Anyway, the mine was a blast! The local gal who was running it got right in with us and helped us pull out bigger stones, pointed us toward areas she thought were more plentiful, etc.

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  5. Tubulo-Interstitial Nephropathies: Proceedings of the 4th Bari Seminar in Nephrology, Bari, Italy, April 25–28, 1990.
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  7. We didn't find a lot of "points" or perfect crystals but we found literally tons of rocks embedded with beautiful crystals. Pour only two handfuls or scoops of dry dirt into your sifting screen at one time. Sift the dirt through your screen with a quick agitating motion over one spot. Method 3. Dig a bucketful of dirt from the search area and carry it to one of the provided washing pavilions. Pour part of the dirt into a sifting screen, until soil mounds over its top. Sift all loose soil from your screen in water with a quick agitating motion. Remove all material larger than about one-quarter inch from your screen.

    Hold the frame of your screen on both sides around the center and lower it evenly into the water about one-half inch. Quickly rock your screen back-and-forth, until water washes small materials toward the center of your screen. Balance the screen on your fingertips, submerging it in water, and tap it up and down until the water spreads your material out into an even layer again. Repeat steps for about one minute eight or ten repetitions.

    Rock it, tap it, and turn it! Tap the screen one more time in the water to spread the materials out. Remove your screen from the water, and allow water to drain from your screen for a few seconds. Flip your screen upside-down in a smooth motion over a flat surface, landing it evenly like turning a cake from a pan. Search the surface of your gravel pile for diamonds, especially focusing on the center! Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Sifting screens are called "classifiers", because they are used to "classify" the soil in different grades of fineness.

    They're often used by people searching for gold, silver, and gems, including diamonds. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5. You will have to take it a jeweler and get it certified. There are also some characteristics you can look for yourself: toughness-only a diamond can cut a diamond, glimmering-diamonds stand out from other rocks such as quartz, and transparency- you can see into the diamond but not through it. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

    Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Dry sifting: This is another easy way to search for diamonds, if you want to use tools.

    ‎I Found a Large Beautiful Diamond in Arkansas on Apple Books

    All you need is a "box" sifting screen with small mesh available for rent at the Park! Sift your dirt over one area so you don't re-sift the same dirt again. Don't sift too much dirt at once. Bureau of Mines - Report of Investigation, No. A geological field study with a description of the diamond-bearing peridotite. Diamond Mines of Arkansas, D. Howard, Lapidary Journal , Vol.

    Diamond Mining in Arkansas, J. A description of the diamond mining operations. The site opened to the public on a paid-fee basis in Arkansas Diamonds, H. Leiper, Journal of Gemmology , Vol. A description of some of the diamonds found in Arkansas. Diamonds for the Finding! Leiper, Lapidary Journal , Vol. Description of hunting for diamonds at the site in Arkansas.

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    Interesting historical account of the Arkansas diamond mine, with descriptions of a number of the larger diamonds found there and the individuals who discovered them. Diamond Hunting Murfreesboro, Arkansas, J. Towner, Lapidary Journal , Vol. Discussion of hunting for diamonds on the site of the peridotite occurrence. Giardini and C. Brief summaries of two scientific studies of interesting inclusions in Arkansas diamonds.

    Melton and A. Giardini, American Mineralogist , Vol. Giardini, Nature Magazine , Vol.


    The results of two studies of the gases contained in tiny inclusion cavities in Arkansas diamonds. Mineral Inclusions in an Arkansas Diamond, M. Newton, C. Melton, and A. Results of another scientific study of solid mineral inclusions in Arkansas diamonds. Morrison, Lapidary Journal , Vol. Pantaleo, M. Newton, S. Gogineni, C.

    Crater of Diamonds State Park part 2

    Kidwell, Mineralogical Record , Vol. A detailed account of the history of the Arkansas diamond mine, including early photographs and information on the diamonds found. Chan, New Diamond Science and Technology, pp.

    Diamond Mines in the United States

    Results of the scientific study of solid mineral inclusions in Arkansas diamonds. Selbert, Lapidary Journal , Vol.

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    A popular account of visiting the site and hunting diamonds, with a mention that 11, diamonds had been found since the location was opened to the public in Arkansas - The Hot Spot in U. A discussion of the dispute between environmentalists and business interests to further develop the site.